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For Sale - Future is Here!  No Fuel Needed!

Are you looking for speed, stability and green? Please review the boat specifications and details below. If interested in learning more about this hybrid electric motor boat, please contact us.  This fantastic boat is capable of speeds of 10 knots when powered by electric motor and sail.  The top hull speed is 20 knots which can be achieved by upgrading the motor.  Hybrid Electric Motor Boat

The above custom designed trimaran was designed and built in '98 as a demonstration hybrid speed yacht capable of sustaining a family of four out at sea.  This hybrid boat has four propulsion systems:

  • Traditional sail
  • Mastless kite sail
  • Liquid fuel 
  • Electric motor

This hybrid electric boat has a newly added fuel efficient gasoline motor for improved range. 

The boat also has a variety of options to generate electric power for the motor and amenities on the boat.  The electric power is stored in two-48 volt battery banks.  These power options include:

  • Solar PV panels
  • Regenerative power during sailing
  • Wind generator
  • Gasoline/Diesel generator
  • Plug-in power at shore

Electric Motor on the Hybrid Electric Boat

The solar panels on this hybrid boat can be upgraded to supply higher amounts of energy.  Current panels have a charge to use ratio of 10:1.  This hybrid boat has a spacious cabin with 6'2" headroom with king size bed, a well equipped kitchen and 3/4 bath.  The vessel drafts only 1.5 feet with centerboard and twin rudders retracted.  The hulls are constructed of a foam/fiberglass sandwich with compartments providing positive floatation in case of damage.

Hybrid Boat Interior

This boat is USCG documented.  The boat is for sale for under $60,000. Please contact us for details.

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