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Energy Sources to Power Hybrid Boats

A variety of energy sources are in prototype stage for hybrid boats while a few are in limited commercialization scale.  The list includes

  1. Solar photovoltaics --- solar panels on the boat charge a battery bank which can be used to propel the boat or to power the various accessories on the boat.  
  2. Solar thermal --- captures sun's heat in an appropriate heat transfer fluid and uses temperature difference of water and heat transfer fluid to drive a motor.
  3. Hydrokinetic energy --- captures power of waves, tide or river currents to charge a battery which drives an electric motor.  The hybrid boat for sale has a propeller which turns from the force when sailing to generate power.  There is a penalty in speed, but this system provides a reduntant power source for yachts and can be employed on other boats when anchored in a tide or current. 
  4. Wind --- vertical wind turbine generates electricity to charge battery which drives an electric motor.  Good part is that wind is there even when sun is set or sun is hidden behind the clouds.  
  5. Fuel Cells -- ferries utilizing fuel cells to generate electricity and power electric engines are already in production.  These fuel cells are common in ferries and tug boats.  Compared to standard generators, these fuel cells can deliver 2 to 2.5 times the energy efficiency.
  6. Waves --- waves are capable of supplying considerable energy.  Hydrokinetic columns capable of capturing this energy are in pilot stages.

Note: the sources of energy can be used to propel the boats and drive the devices on the boats.

The often overlooked benefit is that these power sources is the quiet.

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