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The popularity of hybrid boats is not only from concerns about the environment, it is also from fuel cost, performance, and regulations. We expect every boat which uses power for comfort or propulsion to be a hybrid boat within a decade. These hybrid boats will harvest energy from sun (photovoltaic and solar thermal), wind, waves, currents and tides. This energy will be stored in electrostatic or chemical energy storage cells and then subsequently used for all ameneties on the boat such as  entertainment, air conditioning, heating and water handling. Additionally, the harvested power will supply partial to full energy for moving.

Solar (photovoltaic) is already available on majority of hybrid electric boats. Other options are in use to a limited degree or close to commercialization.  The future is indeed exciting.

Benefits of hybrid boat are

  1. Carrying little or no fuel in your boat 
  2. Improved safety from having less fuel on board 
  3. Reduced potential of water contamination with fuel 
  4. Noise reduction (electric motors produce negligible noise)
  5. Improved air quality (particulates, NOx, SOx and Green House Gases) 
  6. Live harmoniously with aquatic life! 


Hybrid Electric Boat with Sails downAre you interested in buying a hybrid electric boat capable of 20 knots and requiring very little fuel?

This is truly a modern Noah's Ark which partially runs on free energy sources.











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